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Meet the Vendors We Trust and Do Business With in the Community!


Tamara Morrison Graphics, Torrington, CT

(860) 806-2951

Tamara Morrison Graphics is a graphic design studio located in Northwest CT, but Tamara works with clients from all over. Tamara specializes in logo design, ad design, social media management, and web design.


She greatly enjoys helping brands build a consistant identity through coordinated marketing materials across all platforms, from digital, to signage, print, and even apparel.


Tamara is an excellent listener and really focusus on what the client is looking for and what will work for them before anything else.


She is easygoing and great to work with, meets deadlines, and presents professional creative design! Our logo was created by Tamara, as well as our website and social media. We would highly reccomend her to help get your advertising together!